5 Ways to Secure Your Cloud Data from Hackers

Create a data backup strategy

Make a secure backup of your data in case something goes wrong. As the cloud expands, the risk of permanent data loss increases. Spideroak provides a free 2GB storage space with full backup, synchronization, sharing, access, and storage capabilities.

Encryption is key

Encryption in the cloud is critical for security. It allows users to change data and text using encryption techniques before uploading to a cloud storage provider. Inquire about the data management practices of your provider.

Be serious about passwords

This warning has been repeated a hundred times, but most people ignore it. According to research, hackers can crack 90% of all passwords in under a minute. Many terrible stories regarding compromised accounts can be traced to a simple-to-create-and-remember password.

Educate your workers

You can explain the security dangers in most firms easily to educate your staff. Educating your employees on basic defence techniques may reduce risk and avoid cloud security issues. When employees are actively involved in defending business assets, they are more likely to take ownership of their security obligations.

Avoid storing confidential data in the cloud

Many tips on the Internet sound something like this: “Don’t put your data in the cloud.” That’s true, but it’s the same as asking, “How can I avoid having my house burned down?” and being told, “Don’t have a house.”


As we all know, a new sophisticated cyber threat to businesses emerges every day. After analyzing the patterns mentioned above, companies must plan for the worse. You can improve your security and manage threats more effectively by taking a proactive approach to cloud security.



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